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Looking for the most accurate search engine rank tracker? Meet SerpRex.

  • Bypass personalized search results
  • Search across more than 60 countries accurately
  • Get a screenshot of the actual search page
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What Our Customers Say

Just from 3 hrs of my playing on it I have to say these tools are nowhere near what SerpRex can do. I have found SerpRex to be fast and accurate and I simply love the refresh button that gives you the most uptodate ranking anytime.

Peter Lee

Full-time Internet Marketer

I compared ranking results with my own tools and SerpRex is accurate. Setup your campaign, set URL and keywords and you are ready to go within minutes, I asked for an addition and hey, in less than a couple of hours, Apoorv added it, from this point of view I'm very confident, support is fast and kind.

Matteo Grasso


Why you'll love SerpRex

Localized Tracking

SerpRex simulates how a user would search for your keywords in a search engine, so the results as as close to accurate as they can be.

Customizable reporting

SerpRex offers highly customized reports which provides actionable information about your website's SEO.

Comprehensive API

The well documented SerpRex API makes it really easy to integrate the ranking data with your own backend.


Exclusive to SerpRex, the screenshot feature provides you with actual proof of your ranking. With detailed insights, you can proudly show your clients the search result page which has their website.

Sharable links

Sharable links are links to live reports. You can bookmark or share this link with clients and get live ranking data without even signing in each time.

Email Alerts

Never let a drop in rankings go unnoticed. With customizable email alerts, keep track of any change in rankings right from your inbox.

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